Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Reflective Practice Seminar re. 'We Are Here'

What did you achieve/learn?
What did you find difficult?
What did you find easy?
How did I feel?

The 'We Are Here' presentation allowed me to apply some of the skills that I acquired from last years assessments. These in particular being demonstrative skills, such as articulating my idea with clarity and confidence. Practicing these presentation skills allowed me to practice communicating effectively, and I realized the importance of the combination of a physical presentation and the commentary or narrative as a result of presenting my work. Some presentations will not communicate effectively when purely visual or purely audial, my presentation being one of them. Something I learned is that visual presentation and running commentary should be demonstrated in sync with each other, and this is something that I found difficult.
When presenting an idea, it is also difficult to avoid feeling intimidated by the audience, which then leads to nervousness, which then leads to presentation skills partially disappearing when under pressure. Something I would like to achieve over the next year is the ability to feel completely comfortable when presenting an idea or finished piece etc, to an audience, therefore presenting efficiently.
Other aspects of my presentation that I specifically remember learning is more practical, for instance the dynamics of using 'Quicktime' and presenting a movie, the importance of test running a presentation and technological preparation.
I didn't really find anything particularly easy, but hopefully, over the next year as a result of presenting on a more regular basis, I will feel that the process does become a lot easier to do.